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What You Paid For (2010)

Don't miss Tycho's live-in-studio album, ...what you paid for, released as a free download from CD Baby 2010.12.01

Don't Feel That Way (2005)

  1. Don't Feel That Way (Single Version)

  2. Don't Feel That Way (EMP Narcotic Mix)

  3. I Wanna Funk With You Tonite

  4. Don't Feel That Way (EMP Narcotic Reconstruction Remix)

  5. Avarice (Stripped Mix)

Avarice (2002)

  1. Avarice (Special K Stompy Edit)

  2. Delos (XX50 Rejoined Mix) [Full track]

  3. Avarice (Special K Stompy Club Mix)

  4. Avarice (Demo Version) [Full Track]

Tasty (2001)

  1. Dreams of Dying (Boxparty Mix) [Full track]

  2. Send Me An Angel

  3. Enemy (Hybrid Mix)

  4. Delos (Parts I and II)

  5. Tainted Love vs. The Doctor

  6. Enemy (The Last Gasp)

  7. In Your Heart (Single Edit)

  8. Dreams of Dying (Full Length)

  9. Enemy (Single Edit) [Full track]

  10. White Room (Real Life Remix)

Cassiopeia (2000)

  1. Dislocation [Full track]

  2. Dreams of Dying (radio edit)

  3. In Your Heart

  4. White Room

  5. Total Kaos (remix)

  6. Cassiopeia

  7. Sentence

  8. Enemy

  9. Armistice [Full track]

  10. Dislocation (12" mix)

  11. Dreams of Dying (original version)

  12. Enemy (radio dance edit)

  13. White Room (reprise) [Full track]

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