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Fifth and final Bloodlust Ball.
Princess Theatre, Brisbane
Saturday, 8th August 1999
Bands & performers
Tycho Brahe (headline), Shadow Cell, Mythica, Christine Johnston.


This was an especially memorable gig, our 2nd Bloodlust and the final of five annual balls, where we had the honour of headlining. I don't believe there was any video footage, although there was at the previous Bloodlust.

Ken wore his now belated vinyl pants (R.I.P. The Arena 2005.04.09), a black pirate shirt and John Lennon reflective sunglasses. I wore a suitably red / black lace & velvet gothy outfit. Steve was wearing a typically puzzling ensemble of black tights under cut off army pants and a beanie! James Clark our original faithful sound guy mixed, he was probably wearing a stripey t-shirt and long shorts with coloured hair.

The Princess Theatre was an amazing grand old venue at Wooloongabba Brisbane, draped with yards of fabric, filled with candelabra and with full-on theatrical stage complete with curtains. This combination was a little scary as there were some issues with fire regulations.

Batwing-costumed girl

The guests were resplendent in elaborate outfits which included corsets, lots of lace, vinyl & velvet, great coats, top hats and wings?? Ken recalls one solitary girl in white, I recall lots of people wearing fangs- the Bloodlust Ball had some connection with the Vampire Society, which may ironically explain why the proceeds from the Ball were going to Cardiovascular Research!

No doubt, the highlight of this gig for us, was when the curtains opened and we were greeted by the whole crowd pushed up against the stage in anticipation. They then danced the entire set. In fact, I did note at the time, that Ken actually got teary -although he has no recollection of such an emotional response. The audience went berserk during Send Me An Angel and Tainted/Who. The latter in which I played "The Path Pad"- made from a lid from a pathology sharps container, a mouse pad and a fan guard from a refrigerator (see Tycho Gear list).

Ken notes that after this gig we had to cram all our gear into a 1976 Toyota Celica, which made for an interesting trip home.

Understandably, the Bloodlust Ball was an annual Brisbane event which is sadly missed and many thanks to Justine O'Brien for her valiant efforts in organising them.

Bloodlust Ball MC - Stefan Cooper-Fox

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