Tycho Brahe is a band based in subtropical Brisbane, Australia, producing original electronic pop music in the vein of New Order, Depeche Mode, Human League, and Giorgio Moroder, etc. The band takes its name from a pivotal but flawed 16th century self taught Danish astronomer, as testimony to the band's self taught "do it yourself" ethic.

The band was founded by Ken Evans (vocals, programming, guitar) in 1993. Georgina Emery (vocals, keyboards) began taking a visible role in the band from 1995 onwards, having been involved prior to that as a behind the scenes cowriter. Revolving around these two core members, the band has an exceptionally stable history, both as a self actuated recording project, and a live act.

The band began establishing its own dedicated recording studio in 1997, and has not used any external recording facility since 1996. Whilst this is fairly common place now, it was a relatively cutting edge move back then. Tycho Brahe, however, has its roots in the new wave era of the '80s, and utilizes a collection of vintage analogue synthesizers such as the Minimoog and Roland TB-303, and vintage drum machines like the Linndrum and Roland TR-606, alongside new computer based digital recording systems. There are no "virtual analogue" or "software synthesizer" instruments used on any Tycho Brahe recordings.

Over the years, Tycho Brahe has become an established, confident, and professional live band, performing over 80 shows, touring within Australia, and sharing the stage with other prominent Australian acts such as Real Life, Pseudo Echo, and Ikon. Live performances have become an important aspect of the band, not only to maintain the interest of the local fanbase, but as a means to refining new songs for eventual recording.

The current live band, apart from Ken and Georgina, includes Stephen Birt on live drums. This almost traditional, but electronic, rhythm section of the band gives the live act a certain energy, and allows a degree of flexibility in live performances not seen with many typical electronic acts.

The album Atlantic is a strong, energetic, and well produced electronic album, that reflects not only the bands songwriting, programming, and production skills, but also the confident musicianship that has developed over the years. It fuses old technology with new recording techniques, and retains an edge from honing the songs in a live environment.

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  • TV: film clip aired on RAGE.
  • Triple J - Nationwide, Australia
  • 4ZzZ - Brisbane, Australia
  • Pulse FM 97.3 - Brisbane, Australia
  • OUTFM - Sydney, Australia
  • WUSB 90.1FM - Stony Brook, USA
  • 90.7 SYN FM - Melbourne, Australia

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