1999 tycho brahe news archive

28.9.99 - New Lineup, Real Life vs. TB remixing planned, Sydney Radio Airplay

TB have expanded to a four-piece lineup. The new recruit is Alison Barclay, who will mainly be playing live synthesizer bass. This will make live shows a little more flexible, and TB can now perform some songs entirely without a backing tape. Unfortunately for tychfans, this means that live shows may be scarce for a while until the band gets up to speed.

Real Life have agreed to remix a TB song for the upcoming album. The song has not been chosen yet (suggestions welcome! - email tycho33 (at) hotmail (dot) com), but the mix will be called "[song x] (Real Life Remix)". In exchange, Ken will be remixing a song for Real Life from their next album (probably out next year). "For those who came in late...": Real Life played at the Buffalo Club with TB and Pseudo Echo in March.

Ken gave a live phone interview on Sydney radio station OutFM last Wednesday night. An edited version of Dreams of Dying, Dislocation, and Dislocation (12" Mix) have all been recieving airplay on the station.

23.8.99 - Album on track

The bulk of sequencing has been completed for the forthcoming album, leaving bass guitar and vocals for several songs. Ken said some of the more temperamental analogue equipment has things a little tricky, but also said "...that's part of the reason I like all this quirky old gear!"

The final track list will include: sentence, in your heart, enemy, dreams of dying, armistice, cassiopeia, total kaos, white room, dislocation, and dislocation (12" mix).

As you'll notice, not all the old, new and live favourites will be on the first album - it was a tough call but TB decided to keep them in reserve for the second album. So we could see tracks like sanctify, seventeen, military option and free on the next album, along with new ones (and other "shelved" old ones) that are in the pipeline - eg. paradise, leap, resurrection, no shadow, cryptic, four walls, special way, etc.