2000 tycho brahe news archive

22.11.00 - Cassiopeia Reviews + local online distribution channel

Copies of the album have hit the US, specifically becoming a part of A Different Drum's online catalogue (Check out http://www.adifferentdrum.com/). Promotional copies are set to go out in Europe and the US; going to various electronic and print media, as well as synthpop DJs. A Different Drum also features a great review...

"Tycho Brahe "Cassiopeia" -- This is the debut release by a new synthpop band from Australia, and it is a strong debut effort! It has a lot of retro elements that remind me of bands like New Order, but at the same time fits quite nicely into the modern synthpop scene with a nice mix of aggressive, melodic, and mellow. It covers a wide range of styles quite effectively. For one small sample, just go to A Different Drum's online store and click on the "MP3 Sample" link next to the title and download the little audio clip. Tycho Brahe is yet another very promising new band."

Local magazine RAVE also featured a good review:

review from RAVE magazine

...and just in case you didn't have enough options to buy Cassiopeia, it's now available for credit card purchase via the Transcom records site, at http://listen.to/electronic

24.10.00 - Local Stores Stock Cassiopeia

Quick update re: local retailing of the album... Brisbane's usual record sales suspects, Rocking Horse and Skinny's, have agreed to stock Cassiopeia; along with the dark/alternate fashion'n'stuff outlet Obsidian. Retail price is $20.

Otherwise, it's available direct from TB or (pretty soon) online at http://www.adifferentdrum.com/

17.10.00 - ** THE CD IS HERE **

It seemed sometimes that it would never happen... however, on Friday the 13th, October 2000, it did...

Cassiopeia is here!

Local retailing arrangements are still being hammered out; details will be available shortly as to where you can buy the debut Tycho album. It will retail locally for $20.

Alternatively, if you don't want to wait, you can buy direct from the band - simply send a cheque or money order for $20 + $3.30 P&H (total $23.30 Australian), made payable to G. EVANS, to:

Tycho Brahe
PO Box 2136
QLD 4075

NB: Remember to include a return address!

The word is that there will be some form of event to mark this momentus occasion... details will be posted as they are received.

04.10.00 - CD News + shirts + other stuff

The CD has gone to the pressing plant! Cassiopeia should finally be ready in a couple of weeks. Copies will be available from selected local outlets (eg. Rocking Horse Records, Galaxy Music, etc), through direct contact with the band (via email tycho33 (at) hotmail.com), at gigs and online at www.adifferentdrum.com (US supplier, but hey, as if that matters online).

It's been a long road, Tychfans, but the end is in sight :)

.....meanwhile, recording has already begun for the second Tycho album ("saints preserve us, they're at it again!").


A remix of Dreams of Dying (entitled the "Box Party Mix") has been completed. If the album sells enough copies in the US, the remix will be released on an EP, along with the "full length" version of Dreams of Dying, the Real Life remix of White Room, a new song, and maybe a cover version or two. [the tainted/who cover perhaps? please?? :) seeing as thieves stole the minidisc of my 21st birthday gig? -h]

If that goes ahead, a second EP with all four versions of Enemy is planned (Original and Dance Mix, which are both on the album, plus the Hybrid mix and Enemy - The Last Gasp). This EP would also include another cover and another new song.


Gigs!... check the gig guide.

Radio....... both 4zZz and Pulse FM 97.3 have Tycho preview CDs; so hop in and get requesting! 4zZz have mastered versions of Dreams of Dying (radio edit), In Your Heart, Enemy (album version), and White Room. Wild have the dance mix of Enemy.

T-Shirts... there are some left. Email the band for details.

04.07.00 - T-Shirt and CD News


After a few delays, the T-shirts are finally ready... and by all reports, if you want one, you'd better get in quickly - half have already been snapped up.

The shirts are black with the "classic" white Tycho logo (like on the opening page) on the front. Sizes available are Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Cost is $15 plus $4 postage & handling. If you want one, email Ken at tycho33 (at) hotmail.com ASAP.


Steve and Ken are off to Sydney later this week to get the album mastered at dB Mastering; which has in the past mastered recordings for acts like Boxcar, Severed Heads, Single Gun Theory, etc.....

For the uninitiated, mastering is the process which turns studio recordings into a polished final album version. All sound quality issues (volume levels, "little clicks", etc) are sorted out, fadeouts are done and the songs are assembled into a coherent album order. As Ken puts it: "At the end of the day you walk out with (a) a large bill, and (b) the "master" to send to the CD manufacturer.


Stay tuned for a sneak peak at the album cover!

12.06.00 - Album recording complete!

For those of you who are not on the mailing list (and why not, I ask? :)) the album is finished and waiting for mastering, final artwork and liner notes ("Oh, is that all..." ;)).

Cassiopeia's track listing listing is as follows...

  1. Dislocation
  2. Dreams of Dying (radio edit)
  3. In Your Heart
  4. White Room
  5. Total Kaos (remix)
  6. Cassiopeia
  7. Sentence
  8. Enemy
  9. Armistice
  10. Dislocation (12" mix)
  11. White Room (reprise)
  12. Dreams of Dying (original version)
  13. Enemy (radio dance edit)

Some additional tracks have been recorded for possible future release. These include white room (real life remix), enemy (hybrid mix), enemy (the last gasp), and dreams of dying (full length).

In other news...

There will be a final run of the classic white logo t-shirts, on black naturally, available in M, L and XL. They will cost $15 and be available at gigs, or by order through tycho33 (at) hotmail.com (orders by email will require $4 extra to post out the shirts).

The shirts should be ready in the next week.

31.01.00 - New lineup, new material - all systems go

TB's sets on 29.01.00 @ The Pot music bar featured some really great new material, plus some re-polished material and songs which have come across to the 4-piece format. The new lineup seems to have gelled nicely and from the sound of it, TB's future is looking very bright! :)

Thanks to everyone who came along, and for those of you who missed it I highly recommend you catch the next gig (as if I didn't already ;)). - h

24.01.00 - White Room remix complete

George Pappas (real life keyboard player) has contacted TB: the White Room remix is finished!