2001 tycho brahe news archive

13.12.01 - Tasty available from TransCom

Tasty is now available online from TransCom; in addition to Rockinghorse and mail order direct from TB.

08.11.01 - Tasty in stock at Rockinghorse

Brisbane store Rockinghorse now has Tasty in stock. Chock full of Tycho goodness and selling for just AUD$16.00, you can afford to buy multiple copies and spread the joy ;)

If you can't get to Rockinghorse, you can also get it direct from the band. For Australian orders, cost is $16 + $2 postage and handling. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Notify the band via email - tycho33 (at) hotmail.com
  2. Remembering to enclose your return postal address; post a cheque or money order for AUD$18.00 to - Tycho Brahe, PO Box 2136, Graceville, QLD 4075.
  3. Wait by your mailbox. No, don't go inside. Camp out. Maybe you'll get on the news!
  4. Allow a few working days for delivery - don't forget it's the silly season, when the endless greeting cards threaten to make Australia Post workers go Postal.

For international tychfans, Tasty will soon be available online - keep an eye on A Different Drum's website.

05.11.01 - Tasty available

Tasty will be officially available this friday, the 7th! It will be available direct from the band; and soon also available from local favourite record purveyors, Rockinghorse. Those of you who are already on the mailling list should already know how to get a copy - the rest of you will have to wait until friday. Incentive to join up, no? :)

Tasty will also be available online soon, through A Different Drum.

29.11.01 - New member announced + Tasty news

new member

TB has announced the identity of the new member - Lana Gishkariany, formerly of Brisbane bands Squelch and Magneto Whores. Lana takes over the role previously filled by Alison Barclay, comprising primarily of live bass synth. The new lineup have had their first rehearsal, reporting that it "went off very smoothly"; and there is some discussion of a gig or two early in the new year.

Tasty news

The latest news on Tasty is that it will be back from the pressing plant in the first week of December. Australian price will be AUD$16.00; available direct from the band via mail, or from Rockinghorse. US price has not been finalised; but it will be available initially from A Different Drum, and most likely other ADD stockists such as Kinetic Response.

16.11.01 - Tasty tychbits

tb002cd now has a name and a cover... Tasty! You can check out the artwork here.

24.10.01 - TB seeks new member

In view of Alison Barclay's announced departure from the band, TB have stated that they're looking for a new Synth-Bass player (ie. bass played on synth). Interested parties should email tycho33 (at) hotmail.com

23.10.01 - Alison Barclay to leave TB

- News Flash -

Alison Barclay, TB's synth-bass player since October 1999, has informed the band that she will be leaving Tycho Brahe. She will continue to play at the booked shows through November; but she will no longer be part of the band after that time. The parting is amicable; and Alison remains a close friend of the band.

The band are encouraging people to come along to the gig at Bonaparte's on Saturday night - one of the last performances including Alison on synth bass!

22.10.01 - final EP tracklist

Although still untitled, TB002CD's final tracklist has been decided:

  1. Dreams of Dying (boxparty mix)
  2. Send Me An Angel
  3. Enemy (hybrid mix)
  4. Delos (parts i and ii)
  5. Tainted Love vs The Doctor
  6. Enemy (the last gasp)
  7. In Your Heart (single edit)
  8. Dreams of Dying (full length)
  9. Enemy (single edit)
  10. White Room (Real Life remix)

Ken's comments:

Dreams of Dying (boxparty mix) is my personal fave on the CD, it's a nice dancey version of the song remixed in the style of fellow Aussie synth band Boxcar (now defunct).

Delos (XX50 mix) was originally slated for the CD, but we've replaced it with the full Delos (parts i and ii) version, since that's what we're basically playing live these days. If it's being played live, it might as well be available on CD, right?

Enemy (hybrid mix) is also basically the current live arrangement of the song, whilst Enemy (the last gasp) is just a bit of dub mix fun!

Tainted Love vs The Doctor is *that* song which has been so popular with Brisbane audiences since we first did it as a "one off" way back in 1997 at the Bloodlust Ball. For overseas readers, it's basically a stock version of Tainted Love which morphs into the Dr Who Theme.

I must also give a special thanks to George Pappas of Real Life for the White Room remix! Anyway, I'll keep you up to date on this one, when it comes out it should be available through the same channels as Cassiopeia.

The CD is on track for its November release.

19.10.01 - EP news

The new master of the EP is finished; and the artwork is on its way. The aim is still to have the EP ready for a November release. The XX50 mix of Delos has been dropped off this release in favour of the full Delos Part I and Delos Part II; which is basically the extremely popular live arrangement.

Ken has also let on that they've been writing some new stuff...

17.10.01 - site update

The releases page has been updated to include the various compilations which feature TB tracks. More will be added as their release is confirmed.

03.09.01 - BBC blocks Dr Who samples + Real Life website goes live

BBC blocks the doctor

TB fan favourite Tainted/Who has met a cool response from the BBC, after the band made a formal request for permission to use the Dalek samples in their classic cover. After more than seven weeks of email discussion, the BBC finally decided they "never allow third party usage of this type" and are "particularly protective of the Dr Who brand". Sample spotters may be interested to know that the Tom Baker samples on Orbital's last album were not used with the BBC's permission - and the matter is being pursued.

So, what does this mean for the tycho EPs? First off, Tainted will have to be re-mastered without the dalek samples - a considerable financial and creative blow. The increased costs mean that instead of two EPs, one single-disc "budget album" will be released in November. It is currently untitled - tycho list members are invited to suggest a title; with possible inspiration from the fact that it will contain covers and remix work.

The bright side for tychfans is that we won't be waiting until next year for a second CD. Meanwhile the band are adding the incident to their healthy stock of music industry experience.

Real Life website

TB's remix partners in crime, Real Life, have finally put up a website; and also wrestled back the legal rights to their back catalogue. This sees their first album re-released on CD for the first time; not counting an extremely rare German pressing which has been selling on the net for hundreds of dollars. Check it out at http://www.reallifemusic.net/

20.08.01 - site update

Marianne sample

By popular demand, the samples page now includes an excerpt from TB's cover of The Human League's Marianne.

21.07.01 - site update

New samples

The samples page now feaures a sneak peek at the EP/MCD tracks Delos part 2 (xx50 mix) and Dreams of Dying (Boxparty remix).


The samples page also includes a recording of TB being interviewed on 4zZz in early 2000. Topics covered include the (then forthcoming) album Cassiopeia, the band's influences and other interviewish things.

07.07.01 - site update

Site updates will now be listed here, to keep things simple. Note that Forthcoming Gigs will remain separate.

New photos

Finally, proof that TB really are a four-piece ;) Head over to the photos page to catch a confirmed sighting.

18.06.01 - EP/MCD update + compilations released

Mastering complete...

The Amazing Tycho Travelling Roadshow has been to Sydney; returning with a fistfull of mastered tracks. The two EP/MCDs are done; including Delos part 2 (XX50 mix). While they were at it, the full version of the amazing Delos parts one and two were mastered, ready for the next album.

Compilations now available

The compilation Initial Therapy from Brisbane's favourite alternative broadcaster 4ZzZ (102.1 fm) is still in the works,

03.06.01 - tycho.gil.com.au downtime

Well, well, well... It seems tycho.gil.com.au has been through one of the web rites of passage - its first downtime. Basically, some hardware was moved around and the machine that goes "ping" didn't get turned back on right away. Looks like it was down for a couple of days. Sorry everyone, and thanks to Virgil for leaping into action once it was reported. As a sidenote, the full url www.tycho.gil.com.au came back up first; so it's worth trying that if the site doesn't respond.

09.05.01 - two EPs to be released + much more

Two possible EPs announced

TB have started making enquiries about releasing two EPs (Americans know them as "MCD"s). Mastering is sketched in for June, with the first EP to be released in September and the second after Christmas. They'll be released at usual EP prices, but numbers will be limited.

Possible track listings:


  1. Dreams of Dying (radio edit)
  2. Dreams of Dying (boxparty mix)
  3. Tainted Love vs Dr Who
  4. Dreams of Dying (full length)
  5. Delos Part 2 (XX50 mix)
  6. White Room (real life remix)

(Track 1 is available on Cassiopeia, all other tracks are unreleased.)


  1. Enemy (radio edit)
  2. In Your Heart (single edit)
  3. Send Me An Angel
  4. Enemy (hybrid mix)
  5. Delos Part 1
  6. Enemy (dance mix)
  7. Enemy (the last gasp)

(Track 6 is available on Cassiopeia, all other tracks are unreleased.)

Compilation update

Ken has pointed out that while most compilations feature album versions of TB songs; they're well worth checking out for the other bands (besides putting together the definitive TB record collection :)).

Synthcon 2001

TB have put together a seriously cool promo for Synthcon 2001, a con being held in Beverly Hills at the end of May. 100 copies of the 4-track custom-burnt promo CD (sent via A Different Drum) features In Your Heart, Dislocation, Dreams of Dying (edit) and a 45-second spoken info track. Before you all ask, Ken kept one and the rest went overseas; I guess it'll be the rarest Tycho CD out there (Catalogue # TB001PCD, P for Promo).

International Tychfan competition

The competition for overseas fans has closed; with two winners - one from the US, the other from Gotenburg, Sweden. The competition helped establish an international mailling list, which will run parallel to the local list. It'll feature all the important news, but a bit less about local (ie. Brisbane) news. Tailoring Tycho to your needs, eh?

Kinetic Response

Canadian label Kinetic Response have continued their support of Tycho. Ken thinks they might be forming the Royal Canadian Kilted Tychsmen or something... At any rate, KR have a 20% off sale this month, so you might want to have a browse through their catalogue.

They've also posted a Cassiopeia review, which does it justice :)

Tycho Brahe "Cassiopeia": Following in the footsteps of several great Australian electronic acts that have hit the scenes over the year; groups like, Icehouse, The Church, Real Life and Pseudo-echo, I find Tycho Brahe simply fabulous. The band actually comes from a couple blocks away from Savage Garden, but while Savage Garden sings sugar coated pop songs for the masses, Tycho Brahe retains the integrity of their roots. They are firmly ensconced in the 80's sound, but with a little more power to the vocals. If you have heard the band Monolithic you would know what I mean, they have a blend of vocals and music that is now being referred to as power-synth. The people who I have talked to about Tycho Brahe consider them a musical "find" someone for you to enjoy and cherish. You can hear a full MP3 of the band on the Kinetic Response homepage.

09.04.01 - gig review: TB @ Ad Noctum, 07.04.01

Gig: Ad Noctum, Saturday 7th April.

An all ages gig funded by National Youth Week, Ad Noctum put on several local and interstate darkwave bands in the converted Metro cinema (now Metro Arts Complex). TB's set really showed off the benefits of the four-piece lineup; with a playlist that covered old, new, remixed and album tracks.

Kicking off with the consistent gig favourite In Your Heart, the set moved into Total Kaos; an album track which has gained a great deal of popularity - particularly with fans of the bleepier side of electronic. The older track Free, recognised by longer-standing tychfans, provided a calm note before a great run through the new track Delos and a gig special dance remix of Enemy (featuring Alison on trigger-pad bongos).

Delos was the highlight of the gig for most; an instrumental which impressed bigtime with excellent work all 'round. Ken swapped the bass for a trigger pad, working with Steve to drum up a storm and set off some classic synth sounds. A great backing track maintained the intensity which, in a different venue, probably have seen a packed dancefloor.

All up it was a great gig which showcased the current TB sound... even with a broken drummer! I've seen many gigs pause for on-the-fly equipment repairs, but this was the first time I've seen where a band member had to stop and stretch out torn leg muscles. Well done on the advanced motorbike course, eh Steve? :) (Seriously though, it was a big effort to drum through the set. Well done.). Post-gig, it's an easy prediction to say Delos will become a dance favourite; and if you haven't caught Tycho lately - get yourself to the next gig.

06.04.01 - Kinetic Response compilation news (tainted/who to be released!!!)

TB is featuring on a compilation to be released by Canadian label Kinetic Response... recording is complete on their cover of Send Me An Angel, and - tychfans, how i have waited for this day - tainted/who is just waiting for vocals. That's right, the "infamous" tycho track is going to be officially released!

While the Kinetic Response compilation is a while off, both tracks should also see a local (Australian) release along with remixes of Dreams of Dying, Enemy, the Real Life remix of White Room, plus some edits of the new track Delos. When? "Sometime in the forseeable future". The full version of Delos (parts 1 & 2) is not planned for release until the second TB album.

In the meantime, Kinetic Response are planning to feature TB as 'artist of the week' on their website - http://www.kineticresponse.com/

04.04.01 - A Different Drum compilation + Real Life meeting  

Liner notes for Total Kaos have just been emailed to A Different Drum in the US for inclusion on the Shadow Dancing volume 2 compilation. The compilation is due for US release on May 8th; and will be a monster triple CD compilation. It will give TB some excellent exposure and serve as a taster of the US synthpop scene.

In other late breaking news, TB and Real Life recently met to discuss their plans for musical world domination (they got together for beer and pizza). Unfortunately for us, Real Life aren't likely to make it to Queensland any time soon as they have pressing engagements of the highest importance (they're pissfarting about in a studio... something about their new album :)).


27.02.01 - compile me, baby  

TB's discography looks like it will be taking off in big way over the next couple of months...

That's a pretty impressive lineup... hope you've all got your credit cards ready for online purchasing! :)

13.02.01 - get ready to bounce

The word is that some gigs are in the pipeline for March and April... Apparently TB are lining up some support gigs, which will be announced as they are finalised. Keep an eye on the gigs page, or sign up for the mailling list.

Also, don't forget to request your favourite TB track on your favourite radio station! Some already-TB-friendly stations are Brisbane's 4ZzZ, Sydney's OUTFM, and WUSB 90.1FM in Stony Brook USA...

16.01.01 - compilation includes Total Kaos (remix) + radio play + more



Total Kaos (Remix) from the album is going to feature on an upcoming compilation by A Different Drum. The initial pressing will be 1000 copies only; however ADD compilations usually sell fairly quickly overseas, so make sure you get in quickly.


Sydney radio station OUTFM will soon return to air; and Gavin Dwyer, who runs the "Outrageous" show on Tuesday nights, plans to open his first show of the year with In Your Heart! The song will also be part of the station's regular playlist.

TB has also had some airplay in the US on community station WUSB 90.1FM; with In Your Heart and Dreams of Dying getting a few spins. Based at a place called Stony Brook, the station is "Long Island's largest non-commercial, free-form radio" station, heard in New York and Southern Connecticut!


The band has got back to work after the christmas break, and are working on the new instrumental Delos Parts 1 & 2, as well as updating Armistice which is yet to be performed in the 4 piece format. There are also some whispers about some gigs coming up.


The album is now available through Underworld Realm in the city. It is still available at Rockinghorse, Skinny's, Obsidian, online through the band, A Different Drum, or Transcom.....


The web site is currently undergoing a lot of (mostly) behind-the-scenes work at the moment... so if anything looks just a little bit different compared with yesterday, you're not going crazy.