2002 tycho brahe news archive

2002.12.09 - avarice released

TB003CD - Avarice - has been released. The short-run single features three versions of the title track, plus a remix of Delos. It is Very Good. It's available direct from the band (mail order) - get in fast or you'll miss out!

Full details can be found on the releases page.

2002.10.10 - site update

The Releases section has been overhauled and moved. The new address is: <http://tycho.gil.com.au/releases/>

2002.10.09 - TB classic impresses across the globe

Cover of the Abstraction comilation, signed by Ian Craig-Marsh

the story behind the image...

One of Ken's friends in the UK recently caught up with Ian Craig-Marsh (co-founder of The Human League and Heaven 17) and Richard X (a producer who has worked on some League related stuff). The event was a launch party for a CD of very early Human League material; and TB's classic cover of Marianne was played.

As a result, Ian Craig-Marsh and Richard X have both requested copies of Marianne and Cassiopeia. Ian even signed the Abstraction cover!

A big copy of the image is now in the photos section.

2002.08.31 - remix news, cd news

avarice cd mastered

The forthcoming Avarice single CD is mastered; and the artwork is being finalised. The track listing will be:

  1. Avarice (Special K Stompy Edit) 4:58
  2. Delos (XX50 Rejoined Mix) 6:53
  3. Avarice (Special K Stompy Club Mix) 10:35
  4. Avarice (Demo Version) 4:58

I'm sure that fellow TB fans and remix hounds will love this CD!

TB's Empire State Human remix complete

TB's two remixes of the Empire State Human track We Are Industry are complete. ESH have given the work a truly glowing report and are planning to use both versions on their next album, Urbanism (due out early 2003). The extended version has been described as [B]y far the best 12" remix [ESH has] had completed by another band.

2002.08.13 - site update

The audio/samples and photos pages have moved. The new URLs to use are:

2002.08.08 - site update

A few things have moved. If you link or bookmark the gigs or news page, please note the URLs to use:

Because it makes things easier in the long run, mmmkay.

If anything has broken, please let me know.

2002.08.02 - what has TB been up to?

2002.07.14 - site update

With a bit of luck (and a decent browser), you won't actually be able to see anything change; but some behind-the-scenes technical work is in progress. The changes are primarily aimed at improving the accessibility of the site. I don't know if we have any vision-impaired tychfans, but if we do then this one's for you! :)

2002.05.25 - avarice remix on electrogarden + original demo right here

avarice remix

electrogarden has - for a limited time only - an exclusive remix available for download in mp3 - Avarice (Special K Stompy Edit). This remix absolutely rocks, so get yourself to egn's community page (link at the top, look for the logo).

avarice original demo

The original demo version of Avarice is now available on the samples/audio page.

2002.05.24 - stay tuned, tychfans

Synthpop community site electrogarden has added a tycho brahe listing; and will shortly be featuring an exclusive mp3 download. You will need to register with electrogarden to download it.

Further audio goodness is planned, details as things progress.... :)

2002.05.14 - if you go down to the tycho room today...

Ken informs us that while TB has been somewhat quiet since the last (abortive) gig; they have been active in the studio. Specifically he tells of a "very stompy" remix of Avarice, which 'just has to be released'.

Not only but also, yes they will be playing again soon - gigging is usually a lot of fun!

On the Tasty side of things, Rocking Horse did run out of stock for a little while; but they should have more copies on the shelf now so Brisbane-based tychfans can continue buying multiple copies...!

2002.04.09 - why the plug was pulled on saturday night

from ken, on the mailling list

Reposted for those of you who are not subscribed to the list.


Hiya Tychsters,

I would like to offer an apology to those of you that came to see us at the Alliance last night, Sat 6th April. Due to bizarre circumstances out of our control, neither Tycho or Melbourne band Recur were able to play.

Briefly, what happened was this.....

We arrived and had everything set up by 9:30pm, the club-organised audio engineer had not arrived. He showed up at 10:30pm, and appeared to be "unwell", and was consequently unfit to set up or run the PA, which was damaged from the previous evening anyway, with some channels on the desk blown. Subsequently, without a properly functioning PA or engineer, both Tycho Brahe and Recur decided to abandon the gig at about 11pm.

This was very disappointing to us, as we were itching to play some of the oldies, especially Cassiopeia. A positive to come out of this though, is that we have made some new friends in Recur.

In other news, after the abandoned show Georgina and I were guests at a special Pseudo Echo 20th anniversary function, held in a private room at the Treasury Casino. Brian, Pierre, Darren and Ben were all there, and in fine drinking form as usual. We also met a lovely lady from Washington there, who had come to Australia for a holiday planned around this Pseudo party. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she had both Cassiopeia and Tasty, purchased through A Different Drum.

A special thanks to Fran and Lisa for inviting us to this function, it turned a disappointing night into an enjoyable one. Mind you the Kilkenny ale, red wine, rum, and mango daquiries also helped!


2002.03.28 - statik cancelled at last minute

statik cancelled

The Statik gig scheduled for tonight, Thursday 28th March, has been cancelled due to a booking error at Options.

2002.03.23 - lineup change + gig

tycho reverts to three-piece

TB have announced that their live lineup has reverted to the three piece of Ken, Georgina & Stephen. At this stage there are no plans to replace Lana; with the band deciding to concentrate on new material and several remix projects which are currently under way.

statik gig

TB play Statik, Thursday 28th March. Please check the gigs page for details.

2002.03.08 - remix fun + UK distributor + Nick Cave aftershow gig

remix fun

Tycho will be remixing the Empire State Human track We Are Industry.

From the ESH site:

ESH are to be remixed yet again, this time by the Australian electronic band TYCHO BRAHE http://tycho.gil.com.au. TYCHO BRAHE appeared on A Different Drum's Shadow Dancing: Movement Two CD in 2001, they will be remixing the ESH track 'We are Industry', which is to be featured on ESH's album 'Urbanism' later this year with Ninthwave Records.

germany / uk distributor

Ken tips us off to a distributor in the UK selling Cassiopeia for 12 euro - SPR: www.spr-kleefeld.de

Nick Cave aftershow gig

TB will be playing at the Nick Cave aftershow. See the the gigs page for details.

2002.01.14 - site update + Tasty launch

site update

The photos page now has a pic of Lana, for those curious kittens who didn't turn up to the Velvet Bat gig. The Tasty info on the releases page has been expanded a little.

Tasty launch

Please check the gigs page for details of the Tasty CD launch, which has been moved to Friday 8th Feb.

2002.01.06 - Velvet Bat gig, Friday 2001.01.04

TB's gig at The Velvet Bat on Friday 4th marked Lana's first gig and the first public performance of new track Avarice. Both were well received - the band already seems to have gelled into the new lineup; maintaining the energy on stage all through the set. Avarice went off well - a quite organic sounding track, especially following the electronic Delos.

All up a good show, despite the brutal heat of a club with broken air-con during a Brisbane heat wave! :)

2002.01.03 - Tasty availabe from A Different Drum

Tasty is now available online from A Different Drum as well as TransCom. You can still get it at Rockinghorse and by mail order direct from TB.

2002.01.01 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year, tychfans.