2003 tycho brahe news archive

2003.12.01 - real life remix announced + gig review + holy boiling fat batman + dj ken

The latest Real Life album features a TB remix of the title track, Imperfection. The remix was completed back in October, but kept under wraps while Real Life finalised the album's release with A Different Drum. The band has noted that work on this and the Giorgio Moroder remix has delayed the new TB album somewhat; but that's life when you're producing your own albums!

Meanwhile on paper... The first issue of FIEND Magazine (formerly Goth Nation) includes a review of Tycho's most recent gig, at The Alley. See music - live fiend (just under the Human League review). FIEND is available at newsagents or online (via GUP, check the FIEND website for details).

Finally; word is that Ken is feeling a bit worse for wear after cooking accident put boiling fat into one of his eyes. Luckily no lasting damage; but he is sporting an eyepatch. Arr matey; all the best for a speedy recovery! In fact, Ken only has until this Saturday (6th December) to heal up; as he is turning his attention to the DJ booth and spinning tunes at Brisbane underground music nightclub STRANGE. His set should be on sometime around 11pm. See you there!

2003.11.20 - electrogarden reviews

For anyone who missed it; Electrogarden have reviewed some CDs containing the Tycho remix of the Empire State Human track We Are Industry... read on!

Liquid Blue single, by Empire State Human

'We Are Industry' is given a fantastic remix by the Australian band Tycho Brahe. This great track with its strong chorus features touches of Kraftwerk, Heaven 17 and the Pet Shop Boys while for me both of these impressive tracks are blatantly obvious contenders for release as a single, it;s a shame that neither of them where not chosen, especially in favour of 'Liquid Blue'.

Electricity 2 compilation

On the Tycho remix of We Are Industry:

Empire State Human ... A good old-fashioned 12" style remix with touches of Kraftwerk, Heaven 17 and the Pet Shop Boys while combining that 80s influence with a modern twist, this excellent track is fully extended to over seven minutes and is a taste of their forthcoming new album 'Urbanism', as a rule every new single released should have a 12" style remix exactly like this, rather than those more Dance orientated remixes that get inflicted upon us.

2003.10.30 - remix news

Empire State Human have released their single Liquid Blue which contains the TB remix edit version of We Are Industry. We Are Industry was almost the single... more info on the Ninth Wave Records site.

Meanwhile, Cohaagen Records have slated the release of the Giorgio Moroder tribute CD for "early 2004". TB contributed a remix of the song I Wanna Funk With You Tonite.

2003.10.24 - it's aliiiiiive

After several years of living on the servers of Most Generous and Venerable Gentlemen Virgil and Adam Watkin; the tycho site has graduated to long pants, shaving and its very own domain. That's right, it's all grown up and here we are at www.tycho.com.au which has been alive and kicking since about 3:00pm EST (that's Brisbane time, you at the back) today.

Huge thanks go out to Virgil and Adam, who put up with panicked "the site's gone down" emails/calls and generally went toe-to-toe with twitchy subdomain delegation to keep tycho.gil.com.au serving up the tycho goodness...... and all for free. The site probably wouldn't have made it this far without that kind of help. Adam also got us up and running with the original email list; which has since shifted systems but remains a big part of tychfandom.

So what can we say...? So long, and thanks for all the bandwidth! :) -h

2003.09.08 - so what does andy look like?

The question plagues so many of you... what does Andy Walls look like? For anyone who hasn't seen Tycho recently; all you know is that he's the special guest bass keyboard player. Surely a suave, sophisticated looker... behold! Click through for a photo of Andy!

Now if you'll excuse me, I must start running for the border before Andy catches me.... -h

2003.09.04 - new gig + international airplay + more

One gig cancelled, a new gig announced... see gigs page for more details. Ken notes that Tycho is 10 years old this year... all the more reason to come along to the gig!

The next TB album - while not complete - is progressing extremely well, with 10 tracks described as "95% mixed now waiting for vocals". While it remains unnamed, it should please all tychfans with some live recordings of older tracks; plus some new stuff which nobody has heard yet.

Continuing their drive for global domination... TB has had airplay in Estonia and club play in London; while Dislocation has found its way onto a five-CD monster compilation in the US, called State of Synthpop 2003.

Meanwhile, TB somehow found time to remix I Wanna Funk With You Tonite for the Giorgio Moroder tribute CD, Utopia. Sleep? What's that?

2003.09.02 - new photos

Well, new pages with old photos! :) For your viewing pleasure, photos from two gigs in 2002. There was the Tasty launch; and the one remembered as the hottest damn gig in tycho history. The Alliance ventilation struggles in summer as it is; but that night the air-con was totally dead. As were all of us afterwards.

2003.08.20 - is that a rockslut in your pocket?

They came, they saw, they took photos: Tycho Brahe rock Strange Niteclub. That's right, the rocksluts are live!

2003.08.04 - birthday celebrations + gig

A belated happy birthday goes out to Max the Studio Cat, who turned 13 on July 2nd. Max is still active as the Tycho Room's Assistant Producer. Go Max!

Meanwhile, the september gig has been confirmed. Full details on the gigs page.

2003.07.18 - september gig

Ken has advised that details are in the pipeline regarding a September gig at the Jubilee Hotel. More as it comes to hand.

2003.06.21 - tycho in time out

TB have some coverage in the local street press this week... you can see it on the dead trees version, or online at timeoff.com.au (and yes, they used an old version of the promo photo :)).

Tycho are also set to make appearances in The Courier-Mail and the South West News, sometime in the next couple of weeks.

2003.06.08 - those magic words: gig time!

A gig is now confirmed for June 26th. Check the gigs page for details. We've all been hanging out for another showing; so let's make it a big turnout! :)

2003.06.04 - webpage news: we now return you to regular viewing

You're reading this message from a new server! Yes, the site was offline for a while there; but thanks to the work of server maestro Virgil, we are back.

2003.05.14 - new album + double bass + empire state human update

new album

Recording has begun on TB's new album (which is currently untitled). The band are aiming to have the album ready for mastering in August this year... a touch ambitious perhaps, but "not impossible". Apparently the tychsters just weren't getting enough late nights as it was ;)

double bass?

TB are set to begin rehearsing as a four-piece once more; with Andrew Walls joining as special guest bass keyboard player. Apparently some covert rehearsal sessions have been taking place in the Tycho Room over the past few weeks, leading to this new lineup!

empire state human

from ken: RE: Empire State Human - Tycho Brahe will feature on the next 2 Empire State Human CD releases (single first followed by the album later). Tentative release dates are beginning of July for a single featuring the edited version of 'We Are Industry' remixed by Tycho Brahe, and beginning of September for the album 'Urbanism' which will open with the Tycho remix extended version of 'We Are Industry' and the Tycho remix/co-produced 'High' as track 6.

2003.04.02 - empire state human rmx + new tb song in the works

The tycho-produced "extended mix" of Empire State Human's track We Are Industry will feature on an upcoming ninth wave records compilation, Electricity II. You still with me here? :) Details of the compilation can be found on ninth wave's website; other artists include Heaven 17, Freezepop (remixed by Empire State Human) and White Town.

Meanwhile, TB have been busy in the Tycho Room producing a new song, Empty Days, for the next album. Ken describes it as "a big epic thing". Can't wait to hear it!.

2003.03.05 - marianne mp3 released

Human League site Secrets Online has posted the full mp3 of the all-new version of Marianne (see the news page).

All this downloadable goodness!

2003.02.28 - new mp3 downloads

You want it, you got it... full track preview mp3s. We're talking full-fat, extra-caffeine, 80% proof, all the goodness ready for your quivering MP3 player. Don't make it wait. Go, download.

2003.02.25 - mailing list competition

Apparently some of you haven't joined the mailing list... which means you missing out on a fun competition:

I've unintentionally burnt an extra copy of the Marianne 2003 mixes, so rather than let it sit on a shelf here in the Tycho Room, I thought someone else might like it.....

We haven't had any competitions for a while, so for a bit of fun we would like to see your best Tycho related limerick here on the mailing list. We will pick the winner on Friday 7th March.

So go join up. Some of the entries have been hilarious.

2003.01.14 - remixn'n'recordn

TB have completed their remix of Ireland band Empire State Human's track High. ESH have given it the green light and it will be included on their next album; along with TB's remix of another one of their tracks, We Are Industry. The We Are Industry remix will also feature on a forthcoming compilation from Ninthwave Records.

Not being busy enough or anything, TB have also started re-recording their classic cover of Human League's Marianne. The band say they were never 100% happy with the original recording; so with increased interest in the track, they decided to redo it. Once complete, an MP3 of the newly created version will be posted to the Secrets Online site.