2004 tycho brahe news archive

2004.12.20 - gig

A gig has been announced for January 22nd - see the gigs page for details.

2004.10.05 - site update

Photos of the 2004.09.05 gig at The Alley are now up. Also, a couple of photos have been added to the Crackler Tour 2004 report.

2004.08.26 - gig confirmed

Gig confirmed for September 5th, see the gigs page for details.

2004.08.12 - site update

Crackler Tour 2004 report now includes links to live mp3s and photos from both gigs.

2004.08.04 - they're ba-aack!

The Tychos have surfaced again after their southern adventures (the Melbourne mini-tour, you at the back). For a full rundown of the madness, check out the Crackler Tour 2004 report. We also have photos and setlists from the gig with Real Life.

2004.07.11 - melbourne mini tour + new drummer

They're sneaky, your Tychos. Here's us thinking they're just working on an album, then we find out they're rehearsing with a new drummer AND planning a mini-tour as well!

gig flyer

mini tour

TB have been invited to support Real Life (www.reallifemusic.net) at the launch of RL's latest album Imperfection, at the Corner Hotel, Richmond (Melbourne) on Thursday July 22nd. The show marks the start of RL's tour to the USA. The album features a TB remix, as does the first single off the album (see previous news items).

To round out the trip, TB are doing a second gig on the Friday night with electro goth outfit Ikon (www.ikondomain.com) at Dream Nightclub. Ikon are featured on the free CD which comes with the the May 2004 issue of Fiend magazine, as well as being featured in Fiend's former incarnation as Goth Nation magazine (issue four).

Check out the gigs page for full details!

new (mad, scottish) drummer

Not that he's being thrown in at the deep end or anything, but the tour shows will feature TB's new drummer Francis Tohill. All that's known at this point is that he is a "mad Scotsman" and uses an electronic kit. TB have been "rehearsing at every opportunity" with Francis in preparation for the tour.

2004.06.25 - breaking the silence

Word on the street is that Ken popped up out of the studio long enough to tell us vocals are currently being recorded for Atlantic. He does note the project has "taken far longer than anyone wanted", but the flip side is the production quality is a step up from previous releases.

In other news, Real Life's single Oblivion has been released; featuring the Tycho Brahe Extended Remix of the song Imperfection. The original Tycho Brahe Remix of Imperfection appeared on the US release of the album Imperfection. ...perfect? My head hurts :)

Last but not least... the long delayed Giorgio Moroder tribute album (from Cohaagen Records) is finally going to be released. TB contributed a stomping version of the very disco I Wanna Funk With You Tonite. The album was meant to come out last year, but was pushed back in Cohaagen's release schedule for some reason. Ken notes that the recording "even has real handclaps courtesy of the mysterious 'Tycho Allstar Clapping Crew'". Dare we ask? :)

2004.04.20 - gig cancelled

In a disappointing turn of events; a double booking has forced cancellation of the previously-advertised Saturday 1st May gig at the Tongue & Groove Cafe. The band had planned to unveil a new song, Empty Days.

The band are working with the venue's management to find a suitable alternative date. The band had a great time at the first gig and are looking forward to playing T&G again.

2004.04.02 - site update

Setlists are a part of the live music experience [to me, anyway -h]... along with the waiting around; the sound guy being late; soundcheck; gaffa tape; feedback; more waiting; beer; tunes; cheering; encores and packing all the shit into the band's cars afterwards. It's a total package - you don't get one part without the rest.

What's cool is that the band are willing to indulge me - so, we have two more setlists on the newly-created (and creatively title) setlists page. Hopefully many more will follow :)

2004.03.26 - gig gig gig gig gig

gig time! Sunday 4th April, free entry, full details on the gigs page. this gig could lead to another gig on a saturday at the same venue, particularly if turnout is good at the first gig (hint hint :)). i don't think the word "gig" could appear many more times in this paragraph without reaching some kind of critical mass.

the band will be stepping out in three-piece electro mode. this is a classic lineup for TB so get your synth-lovin' pants on and we'll see you at the show!

2004.03.12 - site update

The kind people at Brisvegas Rocksluts have given us permission to repost a selection of photos from a couple of gigs last year - one at Strange nightclub and one at The Alley. Check out the photos page for these and other galleries.

2004.03.04 - site update

The old lyrics page has been replaced with a more structured setup. There are some gaps, we'll get them filled as time allows.

2004.02.29 - don't believe everything you read

On the 26th February Brisbane's paragon of print, the Courier-Mail, had a bit of an error. In an article on Mars exploration (?!) they mentioned in passing that Tycho Brahe had changed its name. This is not the case, and the Courier-Mail did print a retraction and apology on the 27th.

The band have no idea where the misinformation came from... but they think it was pretty amusing :)

2004.02.20 - site update

The gear list page has been updated to include a revised list of Ken's equipment, plus a rundown on Andy's equipment. The lyrics page now has the words to Avarice.

2004.02.05 - lineup change + album news

lineup change

After six years with the band, Stephen Birt has left Tycho Brahe. In a "mutual and very amicable" decision, Steve has decided to pursue other projects; while the band will move towards a more electronic sound for gigs.

Since making the decision, Steve has returned to the studio to complete work on several tracks for the new album; including Seventeen, Free and Sanctify. Meanwhile Tycho have started rehearsing as a three-piece (when not working on the album of course).

album news

The new album has been named Atlantic; with several tracks nearing completion. It's shaping up to be a great mix of old and new; plus some cover and remix work may feature, particularly if the band release a single from the album. The following tracks are listed as probable album inclusions:

The band is also planning to release new tshirts and other promotional material to coincide with the album; which is good news for the many tychfans who have worn their original black/logo tshirts to death! Artwork for these items is currently in the conceptual phase.