2005 tycho brahe news archive

2005.12.17 - download crazy!

Samples (including some full tracks) are now available for every single track on Cassiopeia, Tasty, Avarice and Don't Feel That Way. Yes indeed, you can sample tracks on Don't Feel That Way before they even hit the stores! Head on over to the free audio samples page and check it out.

2005.12.13 - mastering delays atlantic release

Due to mastering delays Atlantic is now rescheduled for a February release. Final mastering was completed by Kathy Naunton at dB Mastering (Sydney), who has worked with Paul Mac, Boxcar, Midnight Oil and Severed Heads.

2005.12.08 - don't feel that way cover art + track list

Cover art and tracklist has been finalised for the single Don't Feel That Way. It is hoped that the single will be out just in time for Christmas!

Don't Feel That Way cover art - click for larger

Track list:

  1. Don't Feel That Way (single edit)
  2. Don't Feel That Way (EMP narcotic edit)
  3. I Wanna Funk With You Tonite
  4. Don't Feel That Way (EMP narcotic reconstruction remix)
  5. Avarice (stripped mix)

2005.11.11 - tycho joins crash frequency

Tycho Brahe has accepted an invitation to join Australian industrial/goth band collective Crash Frequency. Crash Frequency members share the common goal of promoting their music worldwide. The collective includes awesome Australian bands such as Ikon, Resurrection Eve, Tankt, Angel Theory, Angelspit and of course Tycho Brahe!

2005.11.08 - tycho tracks available through acme

Tycho Brahe now has a distribution arrangement with local company Acme Distribution Systems to distribute Cassiopeia and Tasty. The CDs will be available in stores across the country (either in stock or ordered on request), as well as online via paid downloads - get them straight onto your music player!

Your options through Acme (available now):

2005.10.23 - atlantic available december on cohaagen music + australian single

Atlantic album cover

It's here, tychfans! Well, nearly - Atlantic is announced for release in December on Cohaagen Music. Check Cohaagen's Tycho Brahe: Atlantic listing for sample tracks and a writeup on the new release. There's also an Atlantic release details page in the releases section.

The Cohaagen deal includes US distribution through the highly respected Metropolis Records and A Different Drum; as well as a digital release via US iTunes. Australian release details are yet to be finalised, although it is expected that it will include both physical and digital releases.

Don't Feel That Way single

There will also be a locally-released single of Don't Feel That Way, featuring a single version and two remixes of the title track; TB's cover of the Giorgio Moroder track I Want To Funk With You Tonite; and Avarice (Stripped Mix).

2005.09.09 - after the shows...

Is it a week already? Wow. The VNV Nation and Ric's gig (with Ponyloaf) went off last Thursday and Friday. Reports from around the nation suggest that Brisbane was treated to perhaps the most intimate and chatty VNV show.

For those of us still reliving the moment, as well as those who missed it, the ever-talented Angus has posted Tycho Brahe, Novakill & VNV Nation photos over at Rocksluts.

2005.08.27 - remix sample released

The audio page now includes a sample of Don't Feel That Way (EMP Narcotic Reconstruction Mix). The remix is described as a huge thumping club epic... check it out!

2005.07.30 - site update

A page of tour and event reports is now available, giving a bands-eye-view of some of the notable gigs in the band's history and the run-down of their tours. This includes their exploits on the recent Fully Loaded tour!

2005.07.26 - remix news

UK artist EMP, who has worked with artists Lisa Scott-Lee (ex-Steps), Melanie C, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor has agreed to remix the song Don't Feel That Way from the upcoming Tycho Brahe album Atlantic.

For a recent sample of EMP's work check out the remixes of Human League's Being Boiled, Shameless, and I Don't Depend On You available as mp3 downloads from www.league-online.com.

2005.06.11 - ken on stage with Real Life

As noted before, Ken had the pleasure of joining Real Life on stage to sing one of his favourite songs, Send Me An Angel. Here we have the proof, Ken doing the duet thang with David Sterry... according to Ken, this photo was taken at Dream Nightclub "on Saturday June 11th, well actually the very early hours of Sunday the 12th...":

Ken Evans of Tycho Brahe and David Sterry of Real Life, on stage together

So far all reports confirm that Ken remembered all the words, despite the amount of shooters that were being knocked back shortly before this photo was taken!

Picture is courtesy of Gavin Dwyer, who made the journey from Sydney to Melbourne just to catch the show.

2005.06.15 - Fully Loaded 2005 tour early roundup + remix joy + album update

Tycho Brahe - Fully Loaded 2005

Ken reports:

For those of us who couldn't be there.... sucks to be us!!!

remix fun

While in Melbourne the band took possession of a "killer, clubby, punchy" remix of Avarice, by George Pappas of Real Life. Also, it appears that the Tycho Brahe remix of Real Life's Imperfection is going to be used on an X-Box game - more details as they become available.

album update

Contract negotiations for Atlantic are now in the final stages and the band is waiting on artwork from the UK.

Not long now, tychfans!

2005.05.21 - melbourne gigs + album news

melbourne gigs

Two gigs have been announced for next month in Melbourne. From Ken, on the email list:

us release deal for Atlantic

Although it's a long process, TB have paperwork on the way for them to sign up for the US release of Atlantic. Details are confidential until everything is final, so we'll all have to wait in eager anticipation...

2005.05.08 - new homepage

As you will no doubt have noticed, the site has a new homepage; which incorporates latest news. Future gig announcements will be included in the news. The change is aimed at streamlining the site and making it even easier to keep up with all things Tycho! :)

2005.05.04 - site update

New photos are available, from the Arena gig.

2005.03.14 - ten years + gig photos

ten years!

Reposted from the email list:

Hello again Tychsters!

Georgina pointed out to me today that Tycho Brahe's first ever live gig was on 08/04/95 at the Institute of Modern Art in Fortitude Valley (now a backpacker place?), for Transmission Communications' Cyberia CD launch. There's a picture from this gig on the photos page on the website. This was the old original two piece line-up.

I've probably got the setlist somewhere in the archives, but the set included White Room and Marianne, and probably Armistice. We had the original white "Anger" bass guitar, a distortion pedal, a Quadraverb effects unit, the EPS 16+ sampler on a converted ironing board for a stand, used a Juno 106 as a controller keyboard, on an Apex keyboard stand, and had a backing tape on a borrowed DAT machine. No road cases, just blankets to wrap things in for transport. Add four audio cables and one MIDI cable, and two vocal microphones, and you've got Tycho's live setup circa 1995.

Those were the days! So last night's gig marked ten years and one day since TB's first live public appearance!

Cheers, Ken Evans

Happy tenth, TB!

gig photos

Photos of Saturday's gig have been posted over at the Rocksluts site.

2005.04.07 - gig update + press interview


Tycho's staring time for this Saturday's gig has been confirmed for 9:30pm. In case we hadn't mentioned it... this gig is going to be fantastic, hope to see you there!

press interview

There will be a Tycho Brahe interview in the Friday 8th edition of Brisbane paper The Courier-Mail. Check it out!

2005.04.01 - gig + album update


At short notice Tycho Brahe have been invited to join the bill for a gig with emerging Melbourne bands Angel Theory and The Crystalline Effect.

Angel Theory are launching their new EP Black and Blue and after this gig they head to the US (supporting Assemblage 23) and Germany (where they will play at the Wave-Gotik Treffen festival). The Crystalline Effect are launching their debut double-album Glass. The Crystalline Effect features Elenor Rayner (Snog/Sobriquet) and Peter Crane (The Lady of the House of Scandal/Plague Sequence).

The even will include DJs between bands and the usual Faith nightclub will run through to 5am after the bands.

With Atlantic completed and ready for release, TB are ready to roll with some absolutely awesome new material. They'll be kicking off what promises to be a huge night. Definitely NOT an event to miss! :)


Ken reports that the band is in discussion with record labels in the US and Germany regarding potential release deals, bringing Atlantic ever closer to our hot little hands!

[I'm lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of this album and trust me, tychfans... you are going to love it! -h]

2005.03.12 - site update

The audio page now includes a new interview. Just after the Crackler Tour 2004, Ken was interviewed by Tony Irvine on the Irvine Jump radio show, broadcast on PBS FM Melbourne. It's an interesting interview and well worth a listen!

2005.03.12 - site update

New profiles have been released, including such potent details as what music rocks the Tycho world and what is their favourite line from Spinal Tap! The gear list has also had some minor updates.

2005.02.26 - new album complete!

The final mix of the new album Atlantic was completed in the wee small hours of Monday 21st February 2005.

The final track listing (although not neccessarily in this order) is as follows:

A range of remixes and reworks have also happened along the way, which will be appearing somewhere in future - as B-sides, on compilations and even some MP3 downloads. Stay tuned, tychfans!

2005.02,14 - video

Thanks to Dennis Remmer at TransCom there is a now a video of Dreams of Dying!

2005.01.23 - mp3s back up

All mp3s should be available for download again.

2005.01.21 - site difficulties

Yes, the site has been a tad twitchy over the last few days... still chasing our usually-fine hosting company to find out what happened, but in any case the site has been uploaded all over again. *shrug* Shit and data loss happens :)

If you find anything has broken, please let me know.


2005.01.20 - all ages gig

An all-ages gig has been added to the schedule for Dystopia. Please see the gigs page for details.