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Sex Rocket & Super Hot Robot (2013)

Too much lego minifig awesomeness to fit in just one clip! ForlornCreature (of Lego Minecraft fame) put these clips together. Sit back and enjoy Tycho Brahe's side-exploration of vocoder-driven mid '80s Hi-NRG novelty cowbell dance music, as Ken puts it. Be on the lookout for the green lizard guy:

Throwaway Fashion

From Atlantic. Video footage courtesy of Dennis Remmer (TransCom) and visuals by Francis Tohill.

Don't Feel That Way (film clip)

Video clip for Don't Feel That Way recorded in 2006, shot by Scot McPhie and featuring choreography by Claire Marshall. It was released as a bonus on Transatlantic and played on the iconic Australian music TV show RAGE.

Dreams of Dying (live)

Live video of Tycho Brahe performing their enduring favourite Dreams of Dying, at the Tongue and Groove cafe, West End, Brisbane in 2004. The band performed that night as a three-piece: Ken, Georgina and Andy.

Credits: A TransCom video clip - VCom41. Produced by Dennis Remmer for Transmission Communications (TransCom). Filmed by Scot McPhie for Mango-a-Gogo, and Dennis Remmer for TransCom. Filmed at the Tongue and Groove, West End, Brisbane - 2004.04.04.